Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"Will you help me?"

The man's face was straight and his eyes were filled with desperation.  I couldn't look away.  His clothes were torn and dirty.  His bare feet were calloused and marred.  My heart broke for him and I paused to consider the situation.  He needed an answer.  In front of me was a mid-40's Ugandan man, poor and unhealthy.  What do I say?  What would you say?  Yes, I could help him but what is help?  Bread?  Money? It's in those moments of face to face interaction that the Spirit of God changed my life.  Contact with another man whose appearance asks the question before his mouth does.  The love of God feels hot inside my chest as I wonder, "who am I to be so blessed?"  This man and I are both loved by God.  Created in the image of God.  Jesus came for both of us.  Who am I to have been so blessed?

As Jade and I prepare to return to Uganda I feel my heart beat out of my chest thinking about men like this.  I want to meet him again.  I want to be his friend.  While he fills his stomach I want to proclaim the gospel and fill his soul.  My blessing is not of my own merit but of the grace of God on my life.  The blessing is not just a piece of bread or a sum of money but a hope found in the love of God!

Jade was speaking to our church family at Brookhaven Wesleyan Church about the call God has placed on her life.  Her voice shook and tears filled her eyes as she expressed her desire to share about redemption with the Ugandan women so desperate for hope.  What a loving God He is to work in us and remake us into new beings!

Praise God for the calling of a lifetime!  We cannot wait to get involved in the work being done in Uganda! 


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