Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Want some more big news?

God has answered.  While we were praying for increased commitments to support our ministry there was another family praying about something different.  They prayed about how they could be used to partner with the mission of the Metz family in Uganda.  We were asking for help and they were asking how to help.  Wow!  As God heard those prayers He orchestrated a beautiful answer.  So, here it is:

We have been offered a matching donation of $700 per month.  The deadline is only 90 days away but we are confident that God can use His Church to meet this goal!  Starting today, all monthly (recurring) commitments made to the Metz family will count toward this matching amount.  If those monthly commitments add up to $700 before November 5th then they will ALL be matched.  Yes, that is $1,400 per month.  This is God-sized activity!

If you have been interested in joining our ministry but haven't yet made that monthly commitment then we encourage you to start now.  Tell your friends!  We can do this!

To join in the challenge, click here and select "recurring gift".  

If you would prefer to mail in a pledge card email us at and we will get one to you right away!

Thank you!! We are so excited!!