Friday, September 13, 2013

Jade's 29th Birthday Wish

Today is my 29th birthday and I'd love to spend it celebrating prayer. We have seen God move in incredible ways and firmly believe that its because of prayer. We have laughed and clapped and shouted in praise so many times after a phone call or speaking engagement because of what God did! We know the prayers of God's people are being heard on our behalf!  

In honor of my 29th birthday I am asking for 29 people to join our prayer team.

Will you faithfully pray for the 2.5 million orphaned children in Uganda? For the young girls who so desperately want to get a college education that they are secretly prostituting themselves to pay for the fees (only $1,000 annually!)? Will you pray for the African Gospel Church, which is growing at an outrageous rate? Will you pray for the young boys and girls living on the streets who are already living in utter despair and are being forced into human trafficking?  I dare you to dream more for them than you dream for yourself.  Will you pray for us as we work hard to get to all of them? Will you pray for our marriage and four kids? Will you pray that we will be given opportunities to share our testimony and call with others? Will you pray for our 90-day challenge to be met and exceeded? Will you pray and wildly believe with us that our twelve feet will hit that Ugandan red dirt next summer? Will you pray about how God might want to use your gifts, time and resources for His work in Uganda?

I just got goose bumps on my arms thinking about what could happen for God's glory through your prayers! 

If you want to join our prayer team comment below, call, or email us. We want to add you to our mailing lists and send you one of our prayer cards. It's honor it is to walk this journey with you!  



  1. LOVE this and YOU friend! Committed to praying.

    1. Love YOU friend! Thank you for praying us through this entire journey thus far! Your amazing! -Jade

  2. I will join you in prayer. My 29 is Thursday and my wish is you guys achieve all you set out to do in the name of Jesus

  3. I just now read this post (a little behind on my blog reading, sorry!). I have been praying for you and your family but I will commit to praying for these specific things. Happy belated birthday, Jade. Love you!