Monday, December 16, 2013

Half Way 'home'

As I left the sanctuary of my home church in June I walked past a very close friend who was waiting by the door.  Jade and I had just spent the last hour announcing our calling to the mission field.  We were all processing the change of direction, the emotions, the fears and excitement.  My close friend smiled as he shook my hand and leaned in saying quietly, "ten months".  I squirmed a little, unsure of how I should respond.  "Well, that's pretty fast," I said, questioning his certainty.  How could a large family possibly be fully funded in that amount of time?  He calmly smiled again, "Yea, ten months."

After five months we are half done and on pace for "ten months".  I called him recently about the progress and he laughed.  I said, "You know, we have given everything we have to this thing.  In these months we have given God our blood, sweat and tears and asked Him to use what we have to offer.  In response, He took our efforts and multiplied the fruit over and over again to something far beyond what we could have planned."

It is with great joy and praise to God that we announce to you our current financial status: 50%!  Thank you to the 91 families who have joined in the work and taken responsibility for the financial side of missionary work.  Your involvement in this mission is truly beautiful worship!

Easy math tells us that 50% of our partners have not yet jumped on board.  We are excited about the schedule shaping up for these next months and the opportunity to practice faith in God's provision and care for us.  In that practice of faith we will continue to submit our efforts as an offering to Him.  Our creativity, passion, energy and time are for His glory.

If you are interested in joining our work with financial support you can so by visiting!  Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.  Merry Christmas and God bless you all.

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