Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Time Is Now

We keep hearing a similar kind of question related to our funding, schedule and departure date.  In response to those who have asked and those who are curious, here's the nitty-gritty lowdown on our missionary progress:

Our family is currently 77% funded (monthly recurring) with 13% left to raise before we can purchase our plane tickets.  The house will go up on the market May 12th and once we have a buyer we will also sell the vast majority of our stuff.  Nathan is going to Uganda in late June to do some preliminary work in preparation for our move in September.  Our Sunday morning schedule for May and June is totally full and we have high hopes for those visits.  The team of praying and encouraging supporters is growing and we are thankful for each one that stands with us in this work.

The reality of our transition is growing every day.  We've seen pictures of a possible house in Uganda.  We've taken bags and bags of our clothes and toys to the Rescue Mission downtown.  We've painted and fixed and patched and cleaned this house for sale.  We've cried and prayed and giggled over the different emotions and steps that come with such a huge move.

The time is now.  Maybe you have been on the perimeter waiting for the right time to join our family in this work.  Maybe you have been wondering whether it was really going to happen.  Maybe you wanted us to be closer to the departure date.  Whatever the case we see the finish line ahead through the faithful support of people like you.  The time is now.  Join us and send us.

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