Wednesday, May 14, 2014

It's Right But Not Easy

Today we officially put our home up for sale. Sometimes faith feels more like fear than courage. We are emotional about this step in the process. Thank God for our realtor (and family friend) Dave Wuertley who prayed for us in tears as we signed the paperwork. Friends, make no mistake about it, this takes everything we have and it's a sacrifice. Missionary work is certainly an adventure but not before it's surrender. Just because it's right it doesn't mean it's easy. 

If you know anyone in the Grant County area looking to buy a home feel free to direct them to our realtor. We hope to sell the house before we move to Uganda in September. Pray with us and for us. May God be glorified in everything we do.


  1. Hey, that's my Daddy! :) AND it does NOT surprise me that he was in tears over all this. You two (and your precious family) are giving up your earthly things for the Lord and that is a true testament of faith in the Lord-- what an example you guys have been (and will continue to be). We'll be praying for the perfect buyer to come along. -JoEllen

    1. We love you and your family JoEllen! Thank you for your constant encouragement. We have a showing today and another potential buyer is going to the bank today to get pre approved. We are hopeful and excited! Thank you for praying! -Jade