Thursday, June 5, 2014

What a difference our prayer partners make!

We are so thankful for our prayer partners! Each one of our kids have their very own prayer partner who encourages them regularly. They receive notes of encouragement and even have special dates with them. Each time a letter comes in the mail, our kids beam with excitement and say how much it means to them. 

 Two weeks ago Sophie went on a dinner and frozen yogurt date with her partner Jewel. This week Maddix went on a date with her partner Suzanne. They went to brunch and discussed the things Maddix wanted prayer for. Suzanne was raised on the mission field as well so her advice to Maddix has been very comforting. I laughed hearing how Suzanne told Maddix that "back in the day" she would send cassette tapes to communicate to her family and how blessed Maddix is for modern technology like Skype! :)

Maddix and Suzanne
Every week during our weekly business meeting Nathan and I discuss how each child is doing. Some weeks they are unsure and other weeks they are excited. We have been doing our best to process these emotions with them and praise God for the wisdom He has given us. We have said it many times (and will continue to): we are truly thankful for the army of people praying for us through this transition. It has made all the difference! 

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