Sunday, August 10, 2014

Saying Goodbye

What a jam packed summer this has been! We’ve been plugging away at things like visiting churches, vaccinations, applying for passports, packing, training, etc. In the midst of it all we have worked really hard to set aside time for our friends and family as we prepare to move. We’ve been blessed to do things like this:

hiking with family
nature walking with cousins
worshiping with sisters in Christ
getting lost on road trips with friends
spending precious time at Fairmount Camp with family

giggling with new friends at camp
painting best friend mugs 
visiting uncle Micah and aunt Maggie
making s'mores with grandma 
We have been blessed with an incredible family, genuine friendships and an amazing church. We are feeling quite emotional about leaving and know our family and friends are too. Here at MTI we are learning how to say “goodbye" and process the grieving that comes with it. The motto here is, “when you say goodbye we hope it hurts because that means you loved deeply.” 

This morning we as a family went on a prayer walk to process all that we are learning here at training. We shared our struggles and praises with one another. Nathan reminded us of the story of Joshua and his great mission. God sent him away from home and said, “Be strong and courageous.”  After Joshua led the Israelites across the Jordan River they decided to make a special monument to help them remember what God had done to make a way.  Like the Israelites we stacked small stones while sharing with each other what we hope to remember.  It was a special time of healing and worship.  

Thank you for praying for our family and those we are leaving behind as we continue this process of transition. We love you and are grateful for you. 

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