Monday, January 26, 2015

Community Health Empowerment

This week Nathan has been in the village of Patete, Uganda helping with a Community Health Empowerment Training. He updated our Facebook account when he could. Here's what he shared: 
Day One of CHE training: We're studying the feeding of the 5,000 in John 6 and looking for what was available to the people. Our goal is to encourage positive thinking that solves community problems by building on assets rather than becoming overwhelmed by needs. I'm impressed by the great desire of the people to learn together. It's hot enough in this room that I'm sweating as I (Nathan) sit here. I heard a Ugandan woman say, "when it's this cold I get itchy." Wow.
Day Two of CHE training: We asked what projects had been done in the villages. The list (shown in picture) in response to this question was amazing. I'm constantly amazed by African community. In every word and action brotherhood is the assumed resource. As a missionary from a culture that celebrates the 'self-made man' I am challenged to celebrate interdependence with my neighbor as a sign of health and strength.

Day Three of CHE training: Meet Patrick. He's with me at a training in the village of Patete. This good man lives on the slopes of Mt. Elgon near the border of Uganda and Kenya. He is a bee farmer who has worked very hard to make the most of what's available to him. As a result of his hard work the government has given him $5,000 of equipment and arranged for him to attend a conference in Tokyo, remarkable achievements in these parts of the world. He is an encouragement to his community, a man quick to smile and be supportive and an absolute joy to talk to.

Day 4: I just finished preaching the morning service at Patete AGC near the Kenya border. I spoke about Hezekiah and how revival happens. At the close of the service a man prayed, "Lord, we cannot force you, but I invite you, revive us now." Wow.

Day 5 of CHE training: Today we conclude our training in Patete. I'm thankful to Pastor George for hosting us this week. George is a man of authority, respected by his community and leading through humble servanthood and Godly wisdom. We thank God for Pastor George.

An update from Jade: My first week of staying at home alone with the kids in Uganda was a success! I can't really call it a solo momma week because so so many of you were carrying us in prayer. Thanks to your prayers and the fact that I found bagels for the first time ever (I bought 12), it's been a successful week! :)

We love you all and thank you for your support. We're so grateful for you!

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