Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sophie, Ezra and Ruby's Birthday Project

Over the last 7 weeks we have celebrated Ezra (7), Ruby (3) and Sophie's (8) birthdays. It's been a a lot of fun! Our family in the States were so generous by sending them gifts, cards and messages of encouragement.

Ezra requested chocolate cupcakes for his class party.
Ruby has asked nearly every day since her birthday if she could have her birthday again.  :)

Sophie had a friend over from school to watch the movie Frozen. 
 For Maddix's 9th birthday some dear friends in Indiana sent her birthday money.  They recently did the same for Sophie, Ezra and Ruby. The children were encouraged to use it for their ministry here so they can develop their own ministry of giving.  Our children have felt so loved and accepted by their fellow peers at church and decided to use their money to bless them. The new school term just started so Sophie, Ezra and Ruby bought notebooks and pens for the children. 

Sophie writing "God loves you" on the notebook. Each child got 2 notebooks and 1 pen.
Ezra cut the string that held the 2 notebooks together.
Ruby helped put the pens on the notebooks.
Sophie, Ezra and Ruby donated the supplies to the church and one Sunday morning they were handed out by the older women or 'mothers' during the service. Sunday (pictured) asked me to take her photo with her new school supplies. So fun! :)
I (Jade) was invited to come and speak with the 'mature youth' of the church to discuss topics that that young women face. Sophie, Ezra and Ruby used their remaining birthday money to buy them personal hygiene supplies for boarding school/college. 
Here I am with the young ladies as well as our Assistant Bishop's wife Carolyn. We had a wonderful time studying the Word together for hours and discussed everything from 'how to co-exist with people who dislike you' to 'overcoming temptation' to 'how a Christian girl should dress'. These were the topics they wanted to discuss. I am so impressed by their desire to live holy lives! 

 Do you have children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews that you would like to encourage to develop their own ministry of giving? Give it a try! 

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