Thursday, June 18, 2015

10 years. 10 lessons. What We've Learned About (our) Marriage.

Everyday is a new “I do”.
We commit ourselves not just to who our spouse is today but to who they become tomorrow.

Assume the best
When we love we are careful with our blind conclusions.

She’s not an animal.  That’s just Jade snoring.
Seriously.  I learned this and it makes the top ten.  It’s bad.

Consensus or Nothing
Never outpace the spouse.  Don’t pressure or push.  Walk in step.

Counseling is Good
Don’t wait for the train to fall off the rails before seeking wise counsel.

Business Meetings
Schedule intentional conversations and talk about the important stuff.  Here’s how we do it.

Fight Together
It’s so strengthening to accept challenges together and fight through them together.

Temptations come and go.  Arguments and bad days happen.  Be patient and choose love.

He’s not an animal.  Well maybe he is.
Nathan leaves his clothes in a pile beside the bed every day.  The hamper is right there.  Right.  There.

I’m just not happy anymore.
Our best years began when holiness replaced happiness as the primary purpose of our marriage.
Grateful for the F. Howell family who blessed us with a night away to celebrate our 10 year Anniversary (instant hot water showers, people!!!) and for trustworthy babysitters in a 'new' country!  Gifts from the Lord, truly! 

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  1. Nice post. I leave my clothes by the bed too! What's our problem? Is this a Metz thing?!