Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Dignity Project + New Moms

I'm sitting on my front porch digesting the day. Tears are streaming down my face. What a privilege this life is...to share in the joy and suffering of those around me. I often feel like I need to apologize for my ever-leaking eyes because women here are so so strong. I have no apologies today as Jesus spoke over me, "Your heart was made to burden bear. You cry." 
Today with my daughters and friends by my side we ministered in two local maternity wards. Most women here endure labor alone and without pain medication. We prayed over dozens of women who had just delivered babies and comforted many women in labor. We wept with a woman whose daughter lived for only a few hours. We gave each new mother Dignity Project sanitary pads and a bundle of clothing for her new baby. I even had the honor of naming a little girl (Esther) and a little boy (Emmanuel). I left the hospital with "baby fever" for sure! Today my friend Caroline looked at me and said, "Jade, you know we do these things and think it's such a small thing. But these women will never forget today. It will leave a lasting impact".

The ministry of presence, my friends, is everything.
Sophie praying over mom and baby.

Baby Emmanuel (who I was asked to name). God with us. 
Our assistant bishops wife Caroline praying over a laboring mom.  
What we gave every new mother.
Baby Miracle. 
The moms really appreciated the sanitary pads. They raved over the design and thanked us over and over again!
My friends Caroline and Winnie took total ownership of The Dignity Project and explained to each mom how the pads work. It was incredible to watch them!  
Can you see why I have "baby fever"?! 
Praying over new baby. 
Sophie passing out clothes. :)

Thank you to all of you who pray for us, partner with us financially and lovingly sew Dignity Project pads. We love you!

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