Sunday, March 27, 2016

Our 2nd Easter In Uganda

Happy Easter from Uganda!  

Here's a peek into our weekend...

 On Good Friday we went to the village to visit James and his family. Normally when we visit them Maddix, Sophie and Ezra are in school. It was really awesome to have all the kids with us this time! 

We played soccer and jumped rope together. :)

We brought our Congolese 'son' Serge with us to join in on the fun. 

Time to hide the Easter eggs. Close your eyes! :)

How cute are they?!

[press play] They could not get to the eggs fast enough!

We had such a blast together! We shared the Good Friday and Easter message with the kids and even acted out impromptu play led by Maddix. What fun! 

Some of my fondest memories as a child are holiday mornings. My Mom would always do them up, even if we were on a small budget.  On Easter morning she would put out a trail of eggs leading me to a wonderful Easter basket. I've tried hard to create these fond holiday morning memories for my kids like my Mom did for me. This morning for breakfast I made colorful egg shaped pancakes with strawberry (a treat here!) syrup. They loved it! 

Last year we passed out Easter eggs from the car window on the way to church. It was so fun that we decided to make it a yearly tradition. 

Franco, one of our boda (motorcycle taxi) drivers, got an egg.  

As we passed out the eggs we said, "Happy Easter! Mukama Yebazibwe (Praise the Lord)! 

Nathan preached an Easter sermon about the joy of God's salvation.  He referenced the sin of David and the famous Psalm 51 where he asks for a clean heart and a restored joy of salvation.  Nathan explained that the joy of salvation is the only reliable power that allows us to go through every day with our chins held high.

We also had an Easter egg hunt for the children at church today. Many of them were at last years egg hunt and remembered it. Even the adults were excited to run out and find the eggs!

What an awesome weekend! 

We love you all and hope you have had a great day worshipping our Risen Lord! 

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