Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Made To Shine

Yesterday I turned 32 years old. In the years I've been given I have learned that every day is worthy of your favorite perfume and humility is the most beautiful thing a woman can wear. 
For the majority of my life I have struggled with who I am. Often, I felt my personality was 'too big' or 'too strong' and I should shrink in order to be accepted. It wasn't until this last few years of my life that I began to embrace who God made me to be. While driving to nearby African villages in a 4X4 dodging ruts and blazing dirt trails I discovered that God designed me to be wild and brave. He needed a wild and brave woman to go out and be with these that He has loved for so long! As I fought to restore dignity for suffering women I discovered God didn't want me to shush up. No! He wanted to use my big, strong voice for His good to speak up for those who needed a voice. As African pastors introduced me as 'the woman who isn't afraid to hold dirty children' I realized that my leaky eyes and tender heart need no apology. A soft heart is God's heart. There’s no shame in hurting with those who hurt or crying for those who cry. 

David Seamands once said that low self-esteem is “Satan’s deadliest weapon because it paralyzes our potential, destroys our dreams, ruins our relationships and sabotages our service.” 
Christ gives us the freedom to be exactly who we are supposed to be. He is our wholeness.
Who are you? Shine!

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