Saturday, August 26, 2017

Ezra Surgery Update: Textbook Perfect

Among our children we’ve witnessed optimism and hope that builds such powerful encouragement and strength within us.  Prior to the surgery they said things like, “Today is the day Ezra will be healed!” and “Ezra just had the final seizure of his life”.  It does Jade and I a lot of good to hear such positive, faith-filled perspective from our children.  Jade and I have handled the process in our own ways with ups and downs, highs and lows.  This morning I testify.
            God’s promises are full and final.  He does not struggle to remain faithful to us.  His love is complete.  Less than 48 hours after his surgery, Ezra has no bandage on his head, walks around his room with ease, plays games with us, speaks, eats and exceeds nearly every expectation we had for him at this stage.  The doctors agree. And so in a few hours, we are going home.  Is he fully healed?  We won’t be able to make that kind of statement for quite a while. Following the surgery, the doctor said she has every reason to believe that this surgery has cured his epilepsy.  Is God faithful?  I testify today: God is faithful.  God is good.  I am a father full of joy and thankfulness.  We are parents full of praise and relief.  We are a family covered in love, hope, and peace.
            Medically speaking: Ezra’s left hippocampus was removed in a “textbook perfect” surgery called a Left Temporal Lobectomy.  He now has a circular scar above his left ear about the size of a baseball with a small line in front of his 
ear.  The incision is not stitched.  Instead, they use a special “super glue” with antiseptic in it that will hold the skin in place and fall off on its own once the wound is healed.  He will have about two weeks of “taking it easy” at home before returning to school and moderate routine activities.  It will be about a month before he is riding his bike or jumping on the trampoline. Three months from now, his brain will be fully healed.
            Jade and I have been so incredibly encouraged by our family,
 friends, and community.  We spent the day of surgery with 15-20 who came to sit with us in the waiting room.  As other families came and went we sat in waiting for one of the longest surgeries of the day.  I can’t imagine going through such a scenario on our own.  Community changes everything.  As Ezra moved from his post-op bed to the ICU to his recovery room we enjoyed a steady stream of visiting friends with balloons, Legos, cards and meaningful time. Behind the scenes, there were hundreds and hundreds of you praying from all over the world. We are thankful for those who came, those who prayed and all who stood in support of Ezra and our family. Please join us today and praise our Father for what the doctors are calling a 'textbook perfect surgery', a 'perfect CT scan' and a 'perfect recovery'. What an awesome, powerful experience this has been.

We love you.

Nathan Metz

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