Friday, September 8, 2017

Ezra Update

"Thank you so much for helping my brother. He is my best friend," Sophie wrote on thank you cards to Ezra's doctors. Ezra added, "I have not had a seizure since my surgery," and "If God says so, I am going to be a scientist when I grow up." 
Today, we had our follow up appointment at Riley Children's Hospital. I burst into tears upon seeing Ezra's doctors. God used them to change the course of our lives. Not only has Ezra been seizure free since his surgery, his mind has been awakened. He has a light in his eyes that we have never seen before. He thinks and speaks with clarity. He talked so much during church on Sunday that we had to tell him to quiet down. He uses sarcasm in a way that makes Nathan and I laugh out loud and look at one another stunned. Surgery allowed us to meet a boy that had been in hiding for 9 years. We praise God. What a miracle! 

Three months from now, Ezra's brain will be fully healed and we will have a final appointment with his doctors. Four months from now, our family be on a plane to our home in Uganda with our "awakened" Ugandan son. To God be the glory! Thank you for your prayers and faithful support! 
Get ready Uganda, the Metzes will see you January 2018! 

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