Tuesday, January 9, 2018


We are home in Uganda. God did it! He really did it! We have so much we want to share with you in the weeks to come, but for now let us tell you about our kids. 
It took us 31 hours to travel from our front door in America to our front door in Uganda. The kids handled the car rides, plane rides, airport stops and bumpy African roads like champs. Sure, there were tough moments of exhaustion but they redirected their thoughts and conquered! 
In historic African fashion, we were greeted once again by no power at home. For the last 36 hours we have been without electricity. The kids didn’t skip a beat when Nathan read them their bedtime story by flashlight last night. 
This morning I walked Maddix, Sophie, Ezra and Ruby to school. We thought they would want to wait a few days before starting but they were eager to see their old friends and meet new ones. As we arrived at school, several friends noticed them and cheered. That made my momma heart so happy! 

To all of you who pray for our kids, thank you!

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