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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Everything's Better Together

Today is Sophie's 11th birthday. She designed her day and tonight before bed she said, "This was the best birthday ever".
To Sophie, the best birthday ever was waking up to the dining room filled with cheap colorful balloons laying on the floor. It was banana pancakes with fake maple syrup. It was opening a handful of presents from family in the States and taking video so that grandparents could “be with us". It was homemade chicken pot pie. It was lawn games, pyramids and gymnastic shows with our little family all evening long.
Tonight, as the sun was setting, God warmed my heart. I thought of all the times I wondered if this call was 'too much' for our kids. I thought of how much the call of God has cost them. But when I look at this picture, I see our failed attempt at a pyramid bringing six belly laughs. We rolled in the grass laughing until the guard said, “uh, their might be termites there”.
Sophie’s birthday has been a solid reminder of two massive truths. Number one, God’s will is always worth it. Number two, everything is better when it’s done together.

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