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Sunday, September 2, 2018


Ezra has been declared cured of epilepsy! We are in full blown celebration mode here in Uganda! Last week, Nathan flew Ezra back to Riley Children's Hospital in Indiana for his 1 year post surgery checkup. When the appointment was over, Nathan went to the receptionist and she said, "We don’t need to schedule anything else. Thank you for coming. Here’s a card if you need to call for anything.” Ezra looked at Nathan and said "What? We're done?!"
Yes son. You are done. No more doctor's visits. No more medication. No more fearing when the next seizure will come. You have been declared healed. You are cured.
What an awesome God.
After all of Ezra's guests left his Cured Party, we gathered on the couch as a family and gave God thanks. Ezra prayed and said, "Thank you God for healing me. Thank you for giving me a chance at a better life".
Last year, after Ezra's brain surgery, you all mailed him dozens of Lego sets. We still remember him sitting in a hospital bed with his head all wrapped up and a mountain of Lego boxes surrounding him. We laughed when he said, "this is fun" hours after waking up from surgery. As a "fun" transition to this new chapter, after we prayed together, we gave him a new Lego set. We wanted to remind him of you all, the community of people who care about him and are praying for him.
He gigged and giggled.
Our son is healed. OUR SON IS HEALED. Thanks be to our merciful God!
With Great Love,
Nathan and Jade

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