Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Learning from a True Follower

A little over a week has passed since we announced our news that God has placed a call on our lives to move to Uganda to minister.  Yesterday I felt particularly overwhelmed about all that needs to be done in order for us to get there.  And then, I opened our mail. 

We received a note and donation from the sweetest 12 year old girl. I immediately called her, thanked her, and shared with her that her generosity was a reminder from God that He has so got everything under controlShe responded by saying that she had been reading a book called Not a Fan and began praying that God would help her not to be just a fan of Him, but a true follower. She said Sunday God spoke to her at church and asked her to make a donation to help us get to Uganda.  I was overwhelmed by how blessed she felt by her obedience. We had a need and she got blessed by filling it.

God lovingly reminded me that He has so much good in store in the coming year as we raise our support team. I don't want to rob anyone of being blessed by God or becoming closer to Him because I want everything to happen on my time table. I simply need to make the most of each day. Of each opportunity God gives me to share how He has redeemed my life and has asked me to share my redemption story with the people of Uganda. Then, I must trust Him for the rest. 

This is going to be a beautiful year. 

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