Monday, June 24, 2013

Do You Know What We're Doing?

Family photo before visiting West 8th St. Wesleyan  
It seems that there are some questions that can just perfectly encapsulate our place in life.  As a boy I asked "Are we there yet?"  Later I would ask "Can I have my allowance?"  Later I would ask "Does she like me?"  And now, the question which most accurately describes my current place in life today is: "Do you know what we're doing?"  

On our way to West 8th Street Wesleyan church I looked in the rear view mirror at my van full of children.  They looked nervous.  I asked them the question, "Do you know what we're doing?"  We spent the rest of the drive discussing fundraising, new churches, new people and whatever else they might be drawn to ask.

At the church I stood before their small Thursday evening prayer group and answered the question, "Do you know what we're doing?" As I did, Ruby wobbled around and stumbled and jabbered and played the piano and screeched when we tried to quiet her down.  We were a little embarrassed but the lovely old women ate up every moment.

Sunday morning I prayed because I needed to.  I asked God the question, "God, do you know what we're doing?"  He spoke to me through His body of believers at 2001 S Gallatin.  Trinity Victory Missionary Baptist Church burned hot and lit a fire in the Metz family.  We stood before them because they wanted an answer to the question too.  So we told them.

Closing prayer at Trinity Victory Baptist
Through the early stages of this missionary journey I have realized something quite simple and profound.  The Christian life asks this question of everything.  

"Do you know what we're doing?"  

The reason we ask the question with joy and confidence is that we have assurance in a great answer.

I've told friends recently that obedience to God feels like sprinting into a dark cave without a flash light.  I'll tell you now that reckless obedience is the only way to live.  Run!  By faith will you enter the unknown will of God and trust that He knows best?

Do you know what you're doing?

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