Monday, August 5, 2013

Why Give Now?

We are learning so much about missionary work.  The other day we had someone tell us that they wanted to partner with us financially.  "Woohoo!", we shouted.  Then they asked, "should I start that now or wait until your on the field?" We thought we should share the answer with those who desire to partner with us.

There are two kinds of financial support we have to raise.  
  1. The first is referred to as 'one-time' gift which means that, well, I guess it's obvious.  It refers to a set amount which must be met in order to pay for things that only need to be purchased one time: house, plane tickets, etc.
  2. The second is referred to as 'monthly' or 'recurring' investment.  This funding is a pledge or promise to invest in our ministry every month.  The consistent monthly payments help pay for things that are consistently due: insurance, food, etc. 

So, what happens to monthly gifts right now?  What if someone decides to start supporting us monthly right now but we aren't on the field yet?  Well, those funds add up!  As the monthly donations are made they go toward our one-time budget and help that amount to decrease.  The closer we get to decreasing that amount and raising our monthly amount the closer we are to finishing this part of the process and returning to Uganda. So if a person is investing $50 a month and gives for 12 months leading up to the time we leave, that investment has added up to $600, which is half a plane ticket! Awesome, huh?! 

There have been many who have shown interest in our ministry and expressed a desire to be a part of it.  Our word to those people: please don't wait. 

We don't say much about the financial side of this God-adventure and we don't plan to start now.  We know God will provide and will do so through the community around us.  Our goal in this short blog post is simply to inform you of the benefits of giving now versus giving later.

God bless all who have prayed, encouraged and spread the word.  You are special to us and we love you all. 

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