Thursday, August 1, 2013

You can do this!

I've never met Abra but it didn't matter.  This sweet lady hosted a brunch for us last Saturday afternoon to show support for our Uganda mission.  I piled a few girlfriends in my car, blared some Fleetwood Mac and made the 2.5 hour drive to Abra's house. I walked in and was floored. She baked scones, quiche, and blueberry crisp. She prepared coffee and punch. She decorated tables and drew a line from Indiana to Uganda on her world map. Her details were so sweet! 

A dozen women shared a meal, worshipped in song and prayed together. Abra asked me to share my redemption story and how God has invited our family to partner in the work He is doing in Uganda. I shared how He is growing the Church, healing women plagued with AIDS and setting them free. 

There were moments in this day when I was completely overwhelmed and brought to tears by how the body of Christ had pulled together for us.  A stranger opened her home and dressed it up beautifully. Her friends, women I'd never met, came excited to hear how the God they serve is moving in a land on the other side of the globe. They loved me, encouraged me and affirmed me. 

Here is a video that our friend Liz made of our time together:

Metz Family to Uganda Brunch! from Liz Russell on Vimeo

You can do this!  Would you consider opening your home to our family?  It could be a brunch or a campfire or a backyard barbecue.  It could be thirty people or it could be five.  You can do this!  And the results of this kind of event are just amazing.  I left feeling encouraged, prayed over and bonded with new friends who will walk this journey with us.  They left involved, enlightened and excited about God's great Ugandan plan.  Call some friends.  Set a date.  Let's do this! 

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