Monday, March 31, 2014

Prayer Did This

Picture this: a mother holding her phone, checking her voicemail.  She puts the phone up to her ear and recognizes the voice of her lifelong friend.  The lifelong friend speaks and in doing so she trembles.  She is emotional.  She says she is leaving work and in the car in front of her is the mother's son.  The emotion welled up as she prayed for the son.  She was filled with thoughts about his future and how things had come to this.  The mother is deeply moved.

Now picture this: a young father sitting at a stop sign too long.  He is lost in thought.  It's the exit to a small campus where he has worked for the majority of his adult life.  Today he left his career to begin full-time missionary work.  God's will is not always easy.  On the drive out of the campus he waited for feelings of fear and insecurity to overwhelm him.  He was somewhat confused when he instead felt confidence.  The young father moved his lips silently in prayer as he accepted the words, "I was made for this".

In this grand picture we see how God uses prayer to change the lives of those who serve Him.  Saturday afternoon I called my mom to catch up.  She told me that she had received a voicemail from her lifelong friend who happened to be driving behind me (the mother's son) as I left work.  At the moment I expected fear to overwhelm me there was a soldier of God in the car behind me praying.  This story really happened!  God did it!

God has blessed our family with an army of soldiers like my mother's lifelong friend.  Through this army we're assured that we are not alone! We are a part of something the size of Heaven.  Rather than tears I sang songs.  Rather than fear I felt excitement.  Prayer did this.

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