Friday, March 28, 2014

The Big Day

Well, today is the big day. The day we've been working towards for months. The day we have prayed over countless times.  The day that God has appointed. The day that Nate leaves Indiana Wesleyan University for our new title, "World Gospel Mission Missionary Disciples to Uganda." 

All week long I have been wrestling with butterflies in my stomach, fighting anxious thoughts and choking back the tears. This feels so big. This is so big. Last night I laid in bed and wept at the weight of it all. It felt good to release all that heaviness to the Lord.  

Do you ever find yourself laying something at the foot of the Cross and days later find yourself picking it right back up again?  This morning I knew I needed to set the tone of my home, to replace potential worry with worship, so I gathered all four of my babies to my bed for some time with Jesus.  I put on praise music and we read, prayed and drew pictures for Jesus. 

As we would discuss our feelings about selling our home, moving to Uganda in a few months and now relying on God and the Church to provide for us, the kids started telling God who He is. Their words were medicine to my soul. One after another they proclaimed:

God is real.
God is awesome.
God provides for us. 
Jesus gave His life for us.
God listens.
God cares for us.
God cares for our needs.
God likes us.
God gives us hope.

Amen! Amen! Amen! 
Thank you for faithfully praying for our family through this transition. We pray for you and thank God for you often! 

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