Friday, October 30, 2015

The Dignity Project Update!

Who is ready for an exciting Dignity Project Update?! May God be glorified! 

I love the Church. In the last 2 months we have received over 350 reusable sanitary pads to distribute. 
Women all over the U.S. have been gathering to make these in their homes and churches. 
We have been working with several of our AGC pastors to bring The Dignity Project to their villages, schools and orphanages. Due to the lack of proper feminine products many girls miss school during their menstrual cycle. God has given us the opportunity to teach both girls and boys. Nathan and I designed a curriculum that caters to ages 12-18 years old.  We discuss who God designed these teens to be, purity, holiness, correct expressions of love, marriage and gender. We came up with a fun 'true' and 'false' game that the kids absolutely have a blast playing!  
Over 150 kids came to learn at Kisugu Primary School!
Here at Kisugu we donated 90 reusable sanitary pads to the girls and teachers. Many of which were made by women from McGrawsville UMC.  McGrawsville is the church where I was discipled and mentored as a teenager.  Isn't God's plan incredible!
Here I am with the younger girls at Kisugu; the older girls needed to leave class early go to a prayer service for their upcoming exams. One by one the girls came to me after class and knelt to thank me and the women who made the pads. It was humbling and beautiful. 
Women in our community have been hearing about this project. It's been fun to get knocks at our gate and phone calls inquiring about them.  There is a group of Ugandan women who are making these for widows in their church. A popular seamstress here has been using the product, loves them and is going to start making them for a sustainable income. It's so awesome to watch God work!
Here we are at God is Good School and Orphanage in Katale, Uganda just outside Kampala. 
After we teach them all together, we separate the boys and girls. Many of them stayed after class for an additional hour to talk privately with Nathan and I about more sensitive issues. Most of the children here are orphans and it was an honor to pray for them individually and speak truth into their lives.
These photos bring tears to my eyes. Girls across the world bringing encouragement to one another! 

We distributed 40 reusable sanitary pads to God is Good Primary School and Orphanage. The day after we left, their Pastor called to say that the girls were so excited that the Headmaster had a hard time getting them to go to sleep that night. 
Here we are with my friend Julie (on the right) who volunteered to help me this day. Women from the church connected to this school/orphanage are going to begin making these products in the months to come!  

It's been awesome to hear positive feedback from the young girls and women who have been using these. I am so proud of my sisters in Christ in America for responding to this need!  The whole Church has come together showing love for each other!  Nathan has been studying 1 Thessalonians.  The activity surrounding the Dignity Project reminded him of Paul's word to the churches in Macedonia: "And in fact, you do love all God's family..."  So, as Ugandans often say, "Thank you for loving us!"

Please keep praying as some exciting things are on the horizon!

Many thanks to all of you who through prayers, time and resources give so generously to make this project successful! We are so grateful!

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  1. Made 12 this fall and would love to make more.

  2. Very interested in making these - may I have more information? thanks. Mary