Friday, May 27, 2016

Who Is Like Our God?

For seven years James and his 10 relatives have been living in a 400 square foot UNFINISHED home. A four foot gap between the brick walls and tin roof ceiling allows for rain and mosquitos to pour in from outside. Malaria and colds are a common occurrence in their family. In fact, one of James' baby sisters is at the clinic now getting treated for malaria. The unsealed dirt floor is a breading ground for jiggers (a tiny parasite that burrows into feet). One of James' brothers has 20 jiggers in his tiny little feet. 

Why are we smiling so huge today?!! BECAUSE JAMES' HOUSE IS GETTING FINISHED! I cried nearly the entire hour ride to his house in anticipation of seeing the work being done. The body of Christ has rallied around this family! Before leaving I went on a walk with their pastor and he shared, "Madam Jade, the community has been watching you and your friends bringing this action gospel to this family over the last year. They see that God's love did not end on the Cross. Over the last year our church has gained 10 new believers through this families testimony." 

 How good is our God? Who is like Him? He is worthy of our praise! 

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