Tuesday, May 31, 2016

University Discipleship Group

Yesterday we capped off the end of this discipleship group with a Memorial Day party at the Metz house. We played basketball, yard games and ate some good food. These university students are such an awesome group of people. It's been a privilege to get to know them! As we close out this chapter with their group, I've been reflecting on the things I've learned about discipleship.
Discipleship isn't a scheduled meeting time, it's life together. It isn't a book to read together, it's a way of life. It isn't impersonal, it's intimately personal. It isn't academic knowledge, it's the wisdom of experience. It isn't theoretical, it's practical in every way. It isn't organized, it's responsive to the moment. It isn't man's idea, it's God's plan for man. It isn't fruitless, it's fruitful even if we can't see the fruit. It isn't additions by a strong leader, it's multiplications by an indwelling Spirit of God.
I'm proud of this group of students. One of the last things I heard in my house was the question, "Can we start our own groups right away?" I was speechless. Seriously. I wasn't sure if it was a serious question. Eventually I responded with a massive understatement, "Um, yes, that would be good." In this process of discipleship I have found that the process is mutually, powerfully, internal and divinely changing for all parties involved. As a parting gift the group gave me a handmade picture made from banana leaves that shows a group of people with the words "African Discipleship". Incredible. What an awesome memory and inspiration for the future!

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