Saturday, June 11, 2016

Eleven Years

Eleven years ago we did not begin planning for today. When I watched my bride walk down the isle I had no thought of Africa. When we dated we didn't talk about what kind of tires we should put on our vehicle that would help us get out to the villages. When she asked me about my dreams I didn't mention any of the things I do now. I'm certain that when I saw her the first time I didn't think "check out that missionary". Today was not our idea. Tomorrow isn't either. God has brought us together and set us on a path. The past eleven years of marriage say very little about Nathan and Jade. It is our hope and prayer that the next eleven say even less about us. This marriage, these children, the arms, legs, voices and partnerships formed in our familial love are all a part of God's hand at work. Monday morning we begin two weeks of packing and preparing to return to America for a year. I can think of no better way to celebrate our anniversary than to thank God for the work He has done through us in our first term. This is what we were built to do. The greatest accomplishment of our marriage, the truest picture of its health, is to complete and conquer the work God has set before us. After our year in the States we will be returning to Uganda for another three years of work. We anticipate with optimism and excitement the victories down the road. In all those things to come, God be glorified.

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