Monday, November 21, 2016

Always Here & Always Gone

This morning, like most mornings, my heart is in two places. I got a text from my Ugandan friend Bosco with a picture of a group of African guards studying our discipleship materials. This is a group I loved and taught until I handed them off to another trusted missionary for this year while we're gone. Meanwhile, in the cold blustery fields of Indiana, I bury myself in the warmth of a nearby library studying and preparing myself for the next term. In June we will return to these men and the many other friends we miss and love so much. At that time, we will think back fondly about our home and friends in America. We are always present and always away, always here and always gone. Today I'm thankful for a God who is always fully present in every time and place. He's 100% here and 100% there and 100% everywhere. May He bless my Ugandan brothers in their studies today.

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