Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Discipleship Kits to the Masai Tribe

I am floored!! It's impossible for me to express everything I see and feel in this picture. We received this news this morning, on the eve of Thanksgiving. Perfect timing! Over the past few months I've been working to get a shipment of the Discipleship Packs to Southern Kenya. This group of leaders with the Masai tribe were "overjoyed at the sight of them" and will be led in their studies by the man in the top left of the picture. The gratification, shock, thankfulness, inspiration, hope, and encouragement I get from these moments become a praise to God and a fuel for tomorrow. It's pictures like these that I go to when I'm discouraged because they remind me that through my efforts God has done something that matters. What great timing for an image of victory! A very big "thank you" to our WGM missionaries for helping with a complicated delivery process while Jade and I are away. It is an incredible gift to see an international effort bringing resources to leaders across the planet. I am a thankful man!

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