Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Favorite Christmas Tree

Yesterday we were going to start our first furlough tradition of picking out a live tree for Christmas. Well, something even cooler than that happened! Let me share:
In the afternoon Nathan was tidying up the garage and found a beautiful 7 foot Christmas tree that the previous renters had apparently left for us. This was a pretty awesome and timley find but I also knew how excited the kids were to pick out a Christmas tree. Like many of you adorable Mom's, I wanted to dress my family up in cute winter plaid and take that adorable photo in front of our freshly cut Christmas tree. On the ride home from school I shared with the kids that Daddy found a Christmas tree in the garage. I asked them if they would prefer to use the one he'd found or still go get a live tree. To my surprise, they unanimously decided to use the tree Daddy found. As we decorated the tree one child said, "This is my favorite tree that we have ever had!" The rest of the children agreed. Nathan and I laughed and laughed! 
I have shared with you before that there are moments when I go to God and say, "Lord, are you sure our kids can handle this life?" I worry that the constant transition will damage them in some way. Will their love for people in two different places split their hearts in two? Yesterday God reminded me that He's got them! Rather than making them bitter, hard and needy, God is using this life of transition to make them soft, flexible and appreciative.
This morning on the ride to school I told the kids how proud I was of them for their attitude last night. In our home we often say, 'hold all things loosely'. We hold our plans, possessions and future with a weak grip. Loose fingers are a sign of surrender. Sometimes our surrender brings hard moments, pain and struggle. Sometimes...a free Christmas tree. Praise Him every day.

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  1. "Hold all things loosely..."

    Oh, Jade. I needed to read this today. Amen, amen.