Tuesday, February 13, 2018

I Am Not The Middle

I woke up dreading today. I got into the car and my eyes filled with tears. I am ashamed to tell you that comfort and convenience is an idol that I am quickly realizing I worship. Unreliable internet, broken ATM's and failed Skype calls home has produced a sinful attitude in me. For days I have been harboring bitterness. I sat in the car suffocating with a privileged attitude. 
Today's agenda: purchase Dignity Project fabrics for a new product we've designed for women suffering with fistulas in a refugee camp about 5 hours from our home. I started up the car with dread thinking that today would be another exhausting battle with traffic jams, a hot sun, miscommunication and tireless searching for materials. 
We pulled into busy downtown in front of a small fabric shop. My friends and I had never been there before but decided to go in. To our surprise, they had every single thing we needed! We literally walked from our car into the shop and back to the car. This is unheard of here! 
The traffic jam on the way home gave me time to think. 
There is danger in a view of the world that is restricted to one's own personal experience. I am not the middle. I am not the most. I thrive and grow when I broaden my view of this world to something bigger than myself. Tomorrow I want to see this world painted with a humble hue where traffic jams become thinking moments, a hot sun becomes quiet in the shade, miscommunication becomes a celebration of diversity and my tireless searching becomes service to those who need my help.

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