Tuesday, February 27, 2018

"We Wouldn't Change A Thing"

This week is Spirit Week at the children’s school where each day is dedicated to some kind of costume or theme like “wacky” day. Today was Africa day. Maddix and Sophie decided to wear their hair in braids like many of the women do here. So cute right?! These girls have jumped right back into life in Uganda. They clean chicken poo off our eggs, don’t miss a beat when the power goes out and brushing their teeth with bottled water is now normal. They’ve made great friends and love their school. It hasn’t all been easy, though. The move back to Africa was quite hard for them, actually. It has been a long mourning process to leave family, friends, church and school. The last 7 weeks have been filled with many tender moments helping them (and their siblings) navigate the present pain of the call. We praise God that through their pain, they frequently come to the conclusion that He is good and this is right, saying to us, “Thank you for obeying the Lord. We wouldn’t change a thing.”

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