Friday, July 5, 2013

Interruptions Become Missions

I had a plan for lunch today that got interrupted.  As I walked out of my office I had a book in my hand.  The Man Who Was Thursday by G.K. Chesterton.  I've read two chapters and I was really excited for number three.  I went to Meijer and got a loaf of bread, some cheese and a small container of Amish Potato Salad.  My phone was ringing in my pocket but I couldn't hear it over the commotion of the shoppers around me.  I grabbed a sweet tea, some napkins and plastic spoon and headed to the check out.  My phone was ringing again but I couldn't hear it.  I checked out and started to the car planning to find a nice shaded spot and read my book and have some lunch.  I checked my phone to see what time it was.  Three missed calls and a text.

When I called my wife she told me our friends had just received the call we'd all been waiting for.  I went straight to their house to pray for them before they drove to the hospital.  What an incredible opportunity!  I was able to encourage them, pray over them and share in one of the more special and rare moments in the human experience.  Adoption.

As I drove away from their home I realized how much of our life is defined by the interruptions.  Much of what we get out of life is the result of a response to something which is already happening, something out of our control.

I was already in the midst of my lunch plans when I had an interruption.  But for something like this I would have skipped a week of lunches just to show my support.  Our friends had a plan for their lives but God interrupted that plan.  How did they handle the divine interruption?  In a spirit of worship and praise, His plan became their plan.  I listened as their voices shook with anticipation.  I watched as they scrambled to get their things into the car.  This was no longer an interruption for them, it was a mission.  So it is when we submit to God.  Interruptions become missions.

How are you handling life's interruptions?

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