Saturday, July 20, 2013

Deeper in the Life

Every step you take into the pool you get deeper.  The more you move forward the wetter you get and the more you are 'swimming'.  It seems like mission work is a lot like that.  There was no cannonball moment.  It's been small steps forward and moments realizing the water is getting higher.  Our interview.  Our announcement.  Our first church visit.  And this week, our first training.  Jade and I loved it though.  We met so many great people and learned a lot about missions including getting there, working there and taking others along.  What a great week at WGM headquarters!

Scott Rambo is a fellow pastoral trainer
One of the highlights of our week was the time spent with Uganda team members.  The team members we met were Josh and Kelly Hallahan, Scott and Meg Rambo, Lisa Fish, Ray and Nicole Leisure, and Justin and Debby Williams.  We found lots of time to laugh, learn and begin bringing the newbies (us) up to speed.  Jade and I were astounded with how quickly we felt close to our new friends.  God has truly blessed us with a great group of people!

Our next big step into the pool comes this week as we spend time out at Fairmount Family Camp.  This camp has been our 'mountain top' meeting with God for years now.  We praise God for His timing as our family is certainly prepped and ready for this big yearly event.  We ask that He bring us opportunities to connect with new friends who will join us in our work.  Will you pray with us?  With several steps behind us we trust His plan as we continue getting deeper and deeper in the life He has for us.

Wednesday night Jade and I will be speaking during the missions moments in the evening service.  Come meet with us after the service!  We would love to talk to you.

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